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Private Commissions

Private Commissions:  

 Commissions are closed for 2018!  
I have no more spots available for this year.  

A private commission is a piece of artwork I create specifically for you at a pre-determined price.  
I take on a limited number of private commissions every year and I sometimes have waiting lists.
This will be a one of a kind piece of art just for you.  The images on my website galleries and print shop are not private commissions, but I will use some of them as examples in my descriptions here.
If you or someone related to you would like to be in this artwork, I will need to have good quality photos to
use as reference.
If your commission is for a business project, you will also receive the rights for reproduction and use.  (This does not include the right for you to reproduce and sell my artwork for you own profit.  I retain all copyrights.)
I take private commissions for:
-Personal Portraits
-Book Cover
-Book Illustration
-CD Covers

  • Pricing for full-color artwork- private commissions:  $2500 (US)

This price is  for one creation with 1-2 people.  If you want more people, we can discuss this.
It will also  include many smaller mythic creatures like fairies or brownies if that is what you would like at no additional costs.

If you want larger creatures in your artwork, such as a dragon or unicorn, these would be painted will add additional cost to the price.  If you are interested in this you can contact me with your idea and I will give you
a total price.

Half of the funds are due upon start of the project and are non-refundable.
The remaining half is due upon completion and approval.  Once I have received the final payment, I will send you your final artwork and any prints agreed upon.

Just click on the "Contact Me" button above and let's start a conversation about your unique project!

Description of how I will be creating your commission:

  • For private commissions that are a portrait style, I generally create digital paintings using photo references of any people in the artwork.  The reason for this is because most commissions are done long-distance, meaning I am not able to take the photos myself (I work out of northern California, USA).  You can send me any quality photo of yourself and I can create a high-quality painting from it.  While I do create all-photographic artwork, which you can see examples of here on my website, I  also create photo-realistic digital paintings.  You can see some examples of these paintings below.

  • For this process, I use photographs for reference.  I will talk with you extensively to give you ideas on how to pose,  what to wear, how to take the photos and anything else you would need.  You do not need any special costuming, hair or make-up.  I will do all that here on my end!  I will also communicate with you about the type of creation you want and take into account all of your ideas, too.

  • If you are able to send me high-quality photos of yourself, that would be great, too.  But even if you would like me to create a photographic image for you, the price will still be the same.  The process is not any easier for me for the following reasons:
      My techniques take time and are complex…I don’t use blurry, fuzzy blending to meld pictures together or fast Photoshop filters and I do not let my computer do the work.   It’s just my style….I think it looks better when a human hand has all the control.  I also don’t use stock photos in any of my artwork.  Over the years, I have amassed a large library of my own photos to use and I paint anything that I don’t have in this library.  
    I do use very traditional art techniques which create a seamless image that is difficult to see the line between what is real and what is fantasy. 


Digital Painting:  
This method is basically painting using a computer.  I approach digital painting the same way I approach traditional painting and they look very similar.  The biggest difference is that a digital painting is easier to print in many various sizes, including very large prints or canvases.  I paint and blend with digital brushes on my digital drawing tablet.

This is an example of a Digital Painting from a real person model and is a small detail of a larger work.  
I  painted thousands of tiny, individual water drops and bubbles to create this beautiful Naiad emerging from the water!
Click on image to enlarge.

I can also create digital paintings that have a more traditional painting appearance.  This one has the look of a watercolor painting.
Click on image to enlarge.

This is a sample of a Photographic Artwork... all elements are my own original photographs along with some digital painting.  The model in this image was wearing a black leotard and not the costuming you see in the picture...I added all these elements.  Click on image to enlarge.

I will work with you, the client, to create a fantastical image that includes all the elements you desire in your mythic realms.
I do not do nudes …nothing against this….it’s just not my thing!

What do you get for these prices?

You get prints! 
In the digital world it is easy to create prints in a wide variety of sizes.  There are many options including ready-to-hang canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

·       Why do a Private Commission?
Well…..when you purchase art from me or any other artist, you are a Patron of the Arts! 
While some people feel being an artist is not a real job or it seems like “child’s play”, creating and selling art is really quite hard.  Not only have I and other artists spent decades learning and perfecting our art techniques and style, we are also business people running our own art business. 
We are often the marketers, producers, accountants, and distributors. 
Being able to create things from imagination is a hallmark of being human….Art is a celebration of Us!
Supporting artists by purchases and commissions is an extension of creating art itself.

·       Can I get a discount for sending you my own photos?
I don’t discount for this because, ultimately, it ends up being more work for me to use someone else’s photos because I have no control over the quality, the lighting, or even the poses.  I always have to fix a lot more things from photos sent to me than when I am able to do the photography myself.

·       I have found other people who do this type of photography work for less money…why should I choose you?
Yes, there are people who do this for less money because their techniques are different.  They use fast Photoshop tricks, stock photos anyone else can use and fuzzy blending to create a picture in just hours or a day.  My techniques separate me from most other digital artists and you can tell the difference just by looking at the work.  If you are looking for something more economical then you should use one of these other artists! 
All of my work is original fine art and takes weeks to complete using traditional techniques, even in my photographic work.  I do not use stock photos or artwork.

  • What if I don't like the picture you create for me?
    I will strive for you to have 100%  satisfaction on your project!  The best way to be sure you will be happy with what I create for you is to familiarize yourself with my artistic style and then let me be creative.  

  • How long will it take?
     It depends on the complexity of the image, so the time I spend on each artwork varies a lot.  
    Usually, I can complete an image in 2-3 weeks.  If you need your commission by a certain deadline, then be sure to contact me in plenty of extra time for completion and printing.  Canvas prints take a little extra time.

  • Do you have any commission options that are less expensive?
    Currently, I am working on a large book project and I am only able do a limited number of commissions every year.  For this reason, I am only offering these types of commissions.

  • How do I pay for this?
    I will send you a link to a separate transaction page just for you to make payments to me here on my website.
    Half is due upfront and the remaining half is due upon completion.
    I take all major credit cards and Paypal.  If you would like to arrange a payment plan with me, I will accommodate this for you.  But I will only send you the final work when the payments have been completed.