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A Humorous Look into The Reality of a Fantasy Artist

The Reality of a Fantasy Artist

The Reality of a Fantasy Artist

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1. The Blogs

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Beginning Bits

I’ve spent about a month creating my new website.  Considering web design is not my ‘thing,'  I’m pretty happy with the results. 
During this reconstruction, I also decided to begin a blog…this blog, actually, that you are reading right now.
But there must be hundreds of thousands of blogs out there in cyberspace, right? 
Well, I checked…there are at least 440 Million!
                        So, why should I start one?  
I didn’t want to create the typical art techniques blog or family life blog filled with product reviews; you can literally find millions of those on the internet.
(Refer back to Blog statistic above).

I think I have figured it out though, but you’ll have to keep reading here to find out what it’s all about.
And it may not be what you think.