Susan Schroder Arts

Traditional Art-Behind the Scenes

Traditional Drawing and Painting

1 Sakura first draws.jpg

I love creating traditional paintings and drawings.  The sound of a pencil drawing on paper stirs feelings with the realization something new is about to be born.
  That is how I started my painting Sakura.  These steps show the very beginning progress of sketching the first ideas in my head.  It shows how the rough shapes change until it morphs into just the right look.

  Sakura is a mythical dryad emerging from a cherry tree.

2_Paint progress.jpg

  Once I feel happy with the direction the image is taking I begin the painting process.
  Watercolor is my favorite medium and I wanted thisbackground to have be similar to traditional Asian style paintings. I like working in watercolor because it sometimes feels like paint has a mind of its own.  The flowing quality of watercolors adds unexpected flourishes to every artwork.  But, when necessary, it can be controlled into perfect detailed strokes.   

3_Paint progress.jpg

 It's a long process from start to finish.  Layers and layers are applied to add details and color.  These steps show how drastically the art can change in appearance throughout the process.  

 Most of my work is very realistic in style. 
It take a lot of patience. 


SusanSchroder_Sakura_Asian Dryad_web.jpg

I think the finished image is worth all the effort.