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Circle the Sun:  Summer's Sol:

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Susan is an amazing artist and I have fallen in love with her work! She has struck gold with her combo of her spectacular work and an exciting story line! My family and I cannot wait for the rest of the books in her series!!!
— Jen Cordova
I came across this author-illustrator by recommendation of a friend and I could not be more pleased to have found this book. Every page of this enchanting story has an illustration. All of these pictures are great and most are stunning. I was glad I ordered the print version and I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.
What a find....this is an author-illustrator to watch.
— Rowena-Goodreads Review
I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for a book such as this! As I opened the book for the first time, I noticed that instantly my worries & troubles in this life started to fade, as I was magically whisked away, enchanted by the attention to detail embedded in each page.

I first flipped through it just to view the stunning artwork and was lost in magical fantasy for a brief moment in time.
I’m beyond words at the absolute beauty of this book! It’s more than I ever hoped for!
I cannot wait for the release of the rest of the series!
Even as a woman in my early 40’s, I know this will be a book that I will cherish forever!
As a wife, a mother (of a teenager), and a registered nurse, my life can get pretty hectic & stressful.
This book allows me to indulge in that little bit of “me” time & takes me to a place where I long to go when I need an escape.
— Lisa Sierras
                                                         Lisa Sierras with her Circle the Sun Book!

                                                         Lisa Sierras with her Circle the Sun Book!

The illustrations are lovely and enchanting. Ms. Schroder’s fairies and her vision of fairy land are stunning. Some of the fairies bring to mind those created by Brian Froud and Alan Lee in their classic book “Faeries.” “Circle the Sun: Summer’s Sol” is a nice addition to any collection of fairy books, or fairy art.
— Kala Kumar from
Summer’s Sol is so well presented that words may not express what I feel. When you read and become involved in the story, you may get lost in the “Other World”. The journey is one in the land of faeries and tales not told by all. The journey starts from the Summer Solstice, which is book one of her new series “Circle the Sun”.

The old and twisting tree, which is so old, lends an added depth to the story. The beauty of the artwork done by Susan is so real that it will touch your heart. You will encounter all her friends as you take this journey through a truly magical world.

I look forward to her next book to see even more beautiful illustrations. I hope you find this as I did when I read it for the first time. I look forward to the time when I may read it once more.”
— Steven Londe
I got this book as a R2R from Good Reads and Susan Schroder. The book is really different but in a really good way. The fact that it includes amazing artwork and a good short story is great. I can now say I love great artists that can write :).
— Sean S. -Goodreads
I got this book in a giveaway on Goodreads, if I’d seen it in a bookshop I might well have passed it by, and that would have been a mistake. The stunning illustrations alone make this book worth a go, but combined with a gentle, but involving plot line draw the reader in to a fantastical world that is a delight to visit.
— Tim G. - Goodreads
I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. The artwork inside is truly beautiful. The story is cute and fun. I enjoyed reading it and then studying the pictures.
— Lauren B. -Goodreads
Today I went to the forest of Orgi in Navarre, Spain to enjoy Autumn seasonal colours, and of course I went with the right book companion: CIRCLE THE SUN by my talented friend Susan Schroder. Just magical!
— Priscilla Hernandez

*Note from Susan:  I often listen to Priscilla's music when I am creating!  Visit her website to hear and purchase her ethereal music:

Thank you! I love the book!!! Pictures are amazing. I read it last night
and can’t wait for the next one....I’ll be ordering more soon, thank you!
— Carole Bieniek
Magical and enchanting! This is not your typical fantasy story. It is thoughtful and engaging. The illustrations are wonderful while still leaving a lot to the imagination. Would recommend for all ages!
— Athello
Beautifully written with amazing illustrations! It’s filled with lots of hidden creatures and things within the art that my kids loved finding along with trying to solve the riddles and messages. I can’t wait for the next book!
— fanfan19
I just received my Circle The Sun book today. It is beautiful Susan! Can’t wait to see the next one. It was well worth the wait. Thank you so much!
— Vicki B.T.
I LOVE my book!!!! So beautiful! I can’t stop picking it up...what beautiful work of art!
— Diane F.A.